Pastor Gavin Brown dreamed of leading a church that was passionate about one simple goal - helping people connect with Christ so that they can truly have the best life.  Pastor Gavin preached a message series in the fall of 2017 entitled "DNA: Understanding Who We Are," which was well received and became the catalyst to the “Let’s Do This” re-launch campaign.  By "Let’s Do This," Pastor Gavin desires to see Lifehouse Church focus primarily on helping people discover real life by focusing on leading people to Christ, being a church that is crazy generous, connecting people in the church, building crazy champions of the faith and being a church that has a deep desire to serve and reach their community.  

Lifehouse is set to re-launch their 86-year-old church on Sunday, January 21 in hopes that this can be a recalibration of a church that is on mission.  Our hope is that a day will come very soon that hundreds of people attend Lifehouse Church and that our church has an influence all over the DMV area.  We invite you to see for yourself how exciting and powerful a church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to seek God with all of their heart.