Senegal has a population of 16.6 million people. Of the population, over 90% are Muslim believers. Though known as the “gateway to Africa” by many, in reality, Senegal is the gateway to a great spiritual harvest. Church growth is very difficult in Senegal because of the enormous number of Muslim believers. Senegal has one of the most stable democracies in Africa, yet over 50% of the country lives in poverty and the unemployment rate continues to climb. Christian believers are often scattered, poorly taught, and under constant pressure to conform to Islam and other indigenous religions. Nevertheless, the national church in Senegal, though young, has a vision to reach and to transform the nation. And you can help.

Collective goal

The Potomac Ministry Network, which Lifehouse is a part of, is partnering with the national church in Senegal. The vision is to plant churches throughout the rural landscape as well as within the growing urban areas. The church has a desire to combat the challenges of poor water by providing new water wells and clean water systems. There is a plan for providing and distributing French training curriculum for church planting schools, and a Spirit-empowered vision to reach the growing population of children, and to plant the church among the unreached peoples of Senegal.

There are several goals we as a district hope to achieve

Build 10 children’s tabernacles ($3,500 each)

Provide 5 urban church property plots ($30,000 each)

Provide 30 rural church property plots ($6,000 each)

Build 20 tabernacles ($9,000 each)

Build 10 wells and clean water systems ($15,000 each)

Send 4 new missionary families to Senegal

Provide translation and distribution of French training curriculum

The total cost of this endeavor is $775,000.


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$0 / $7,000

Imagine giving towards an initiative that makes an impact for the Kingdom in an entire country. That is what we get to be part of! Our goal is to provide the funds to build 2 of the 10 children’s tabernacle. That means our goal is to raise $7,000.

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